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Episode 4 – Card Production – Nathan Lemon – Head of Partnerships, IC Group

In this episode, Nick Chiappetti, VP Fintech Marketing & Partnerships at FinWise Bank, and Nathan Lemon, Head of Partnerships at IC Group, discuss the card manufacturing space and the considerations for fintechs when launching a card program.

Nathan highlights the different types of card manufacturers and their specialties, such as white glove manufacturing, domestic players, and large global players. He also emphasizes the importance of partnerships, realistic timelines, and quick decision-making in the card production process. He discusses trends in card design, including alternative materials, biometrics, and dynamic CVV codes. Additionally, he addresses the influence of international markets on US card programs and the continued relevance of physical cards in the fintech space.


  • Partnerships matter in the card manufacturing space and can impact the success and timeline of a fintech’s card program.
  • Fintechs should consider both digital and physical cards in their program strategy, as physical cards are still expected by most users.
  • Quick decision-making and realistic timelines are important in the card production process to avoid design paralysis and delays.
  • Trends in card design include alternative materials, biometrics, and dynamic CVV codes.
  • International markets influence US card programs, and there is a growing focus on biometrics and multi-factor authentication.
  • Physical cards will continue to be relevant in the fintech space, as they provide a tangible interaction with customers and establish trust.

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