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We challenge the status quo of banking to deliver financial innovation and education that benefits us all.

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Our Solutions

How can we help you move forward on your financial journey?

Business Banking

Reach Your Business Goals

We help solve some of your most pressing businesses problems through our point-of-sale lending solutions, SBA loan programs, and equipment financing options.

Personal Banking

Meet Everyday Financial Needs

We continue to serve families and small businesses through our full-service, top-ranked community bank.

Strategic Platforms

Disrupt Banking for the Better

Our strategic loan programs support top fintech lending platforms to streamline how loans are generated for consumers.

FinWise Bank is a great bank. I use them every time to get my customer loans. Their loan application is very simple. They respond in a very short time and Glen always is available to help with any problem. Great company.

John S. Retail Lending Program | source: Google reviews

I've been banking here for almost 20-years. They have been awesome over the years. Thank you for always taking care of me!!!!

Ken A.Branch Customer | source: Google reviews

Working with Finwise has been a great experience. All of the employees that I have had the pleasure of interacting with have been more than willing to go above and beyond to help me out and make sure I have everything I need.

Tyler W.Branch Customer | source: Google reviews

I just started with a loan from this Bank. It was a very easy process . They were available for my questions and were clear with the terms of the loan. So far I am pleased with them. I would recommend them to get out of debt.

Lisa C.Loan Customer | source: BBB

I have found Finwise and their officers to be a asset in arranging loans for our customers. Many times they went the extra mile to help the whole process work. I would recommend them to all businesses needing their services.

Geoffrey W.Retail Lending Program | source: Google reviews

About Us

Let’s rethink what banking means.

FinWise Bank is stepping forward to advance the future of financial technology. We support fintech brands that share our vision for equity, innovation, and inclusion at every level of financial decision-making. From one person’s online purchase to thousands of small business loans that support our economy, we’re generating non-traditional solutions that give greater financial access to those who need it most.

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Community Engagement

We move communities forward.

Our mission is to strengthen the communities we live and play in. We guide people to improve their financial situation, contribute financially to non-profit organizations, and volunteer our time at various non-profits.

How We Give

Financial Innovation

We help fintech brands disrupt banking for the better.

Our flexible credit and lending solutions eclipse traditional banking capabilities, removing critical roadblocks to fintech innovation.


Make wiser financial decisions.

What’s Moneywise?

It’s your education hub for all things financial. From mortgages and small business loans to credit scores and savings advice, Moneywise offers you actionable content to help you save and earn more, make smart investing choices, and navigate many other money matters.

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Explore our latest news and insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts answer your questions.

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  • What features are available in online banking?

    Our online banking gives you added control and convenience for personal and business accounts. Here are some of our most-used features:

    • The FinWise mobile banking app to access your existing online bank account on the go
    • Make, collect, or schedule payments
    • Customize activity alerts and account notifications
    • Pay bills or transfer funds across accounts
    • Complete ACH and wire transfers
    • Deposit checks remotely
    • Stop payments that have not yet cleared
    • Send money to friends and family
    • View statements and reports

    Available 24/7, online banking is the best way to monitor and manage your FinWise accounts without extra trips to the bank!

  • Is a small-dollar loan right for you?

    Small-dollar loans (SDLs) are designed for an emergency such as an unexpected car repair or a large retail purchase. Intended to help consumers meet an immediate financial need and enable them to improve their overall financial situation, SDLs often feature “graduation” provisions that allow successful borrowers to qualify for lower interest rates and better terms the next time they apply for credit.

  • Why was I denied online access?

    If you are a FinWise Bank customer and are enrolled in online banking, login here or go to our Help Page. To enroll in online banking visit one of our locations to get started.

    If you are a borrower trying to access your loan account made through a third-party Strategic Platform, visit Strategic Platforms to learn more about your loan service provider.

  • What does FinWise Bank have available for me?

    Our products include checking and savings accounts and personal loans. Finance your new home construction project or leverage the value of your home with our home equity lines of credit. Browse the accounts and services we offer by visiting our Personal Banking page.

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  • What is a Strategic Platform?

    Online or mobile platforms may be created by third-party technology companies, and as a leader in FinTech innovation, we develop new products and services using tech platforms that make banking easier and more accessible to our customers. Through online or mobile portals, we process loan applications quickly, give simple financing options, and may be able to reach new customers who have had trouble accessing credit or banking services in the past. Our Strategic Platforms offer different types of lending services and go through a rigorous approval process to ensure they comply with strict banking regulations and compliance standards. To find a credit service that’s right for you, learn more here.

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FinWise moves you forward.

We adapt in ways traditional banks won’t. Learn how our forward-thinking philosophy benefits you.

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