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Business Banking FAQ
Commercial Real Estate FAQ
Consumer Services FAQ
  • How can I apply for a loan or open an account?

    Our online applications are coming soon, but you can always visit our Sandy location during business hours to open a new account or apply for a loan.

  • What are your hours?

    Our bank is open Monday through Friday; visit our lobby between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., or our drive-through between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. For after-hours support with online banking, call 866.322.5212.

  • Where is FinWise Bank Located?

    Find us at 820 East 9400 South in Sandy, Utah (near the corner of S 700 East and 9400 South).

General FAQ
  • How do I report a stolen card?

    To de-activate a lost or stolen card, call (800) 523-4175 right away. Call us at (801) 545-6030 and we will mail you a new card to prevent fraud and protect your account.

  • How do I login to view my personal loan information?

    If you have a FinWise account or loan, whether business or personal, you may login here.

    If you have a loan that is originated and serviced by one of our Strategic Platforms, please visit our Strategic Platforms page to learn more.

  • Why is FinWise Bank on my credit report instead of where I applied?

    Did you apply for a loan recently but saw FinWise Bank on your credit report or loan statement instead of where you applied?

    Hi, we’re the bank working behind the scenes on your loan application. We contract with third-party platforms like Upstart or Opploans that receive your loan application information on our behalf. During your application process, you authorize FinWise Bank, through the platform, to collect your credit information. After reviewing your application, we then provide you with a credit determination.

    Learn more about Strategic Platforms here

  • How do I contact customer support?

    Our general customer service line is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (MST) and can be reached at (801) 545-6030 or toll free at (833) 346-9473. They can also be reached via email at For in-person support, you may also visit our branch located at 820 East 9400 South, Sandy, UT, 84094. For after-hours support with your online banking account, please call (866) 322-5212. Visit the Help page for more information

Personal Banking FAQ
  • What features are available in online banking?

    Our online banking gives you added control and convenience for personal and business accounts. Here are some of our most-used features:

    • The FinWise mobile banking app to access your existing online bank account on the go
    • Make, collect, or schedule payments
    • Customize activity alerts and account notifications
    • Pay bills or transfer funds across accounts
    • Complete ACH and wire transfers
    • Deposit checks remotely
    • Stop payments that have not yet cleared
    • Send money to friends and family
    • View statements and reports

    Available 24/7, online banking is the best way to monitor and manage your FinWise accounts without extra trips to the bank!

  • Is a small-dollar loan right for you?

    Small-dollar loans (SDLs) are designed for an emergency such as an unexpected car repair or a large retail purchase. Intended to help consumers meet an immediate financial need and enable them to improve their overall financial situation, SDLs often feature “graduation” provisions that allow successful borrowers to qualify for lower interest rates and better terms the next time they apply for credit.

  • Why was I denied online access?

    If you are a FinWise Bank customer and are enrolled in online banking, login here or go to our Help Page. To enroll in online banking visit one of our locations to get started.

    If you are a borrower trying to access your loan account made through a third-party Strategic Platform, visit Strategic Platforms to learn more about your loan service provider.

  • What does FinWise Bank have available for me?

    Our products include checking and savings accounts and personal loans. Finance your new home construction project or leverage the value of your home with our home equity lines of credit. Browse the accounts and services we offer by visiting our Personal Banking page.

Point of Sale Lending Program FAQ
Residential Real Estate Lending FAQ
Small Business Loan FAQ
Strategic Platform FAQ
  • What is a Strategic Platform?

    Online or mobile platforms may be created by third-party technology companies, and as a leader in FinTech innovation, we develop new products and services using tech platforms that make banking easier and more accessible to our customers. Through online or mobile portals, we process loan applications quickly, give simple financing options, and may be able to reach new customers who have had trouble accessing credit or banking services in the past. Our Strategic Platforms offer different types of lending services and go through a rigorous approval process to ensure they comply with strict banking regulations and compliance standards. To find a credit service that’s right for you, learn more here.

Website FAQ
  • You’re the first ‘.BANK’ I’ve seen, why haven’t all the other banks moved?

    The move to .BANK is a business decision every bank must make, and plan for, based on its priorities and resources. We decided it was a priority for us to enhance our security and provide our customers with an easy way to authenticate our website.

  • Do I need to do anything differently now that you’re .BANK?

    Our website URL now ends in .BANK. From now on, before interacting with us, and before you enter your username and password on our website, simply look for the ‘.BANK’ to authenticate the website is ours. Our .com website redirects to our new .BANK site, but over time you should update your address book and bookmark for our site.

  • How is .BANK more secure?

    All banks are verified and authenticated by fTLD, the .BANK administrator, prior to registering their .BANK domain, and re-verified annually thereafter. This ensures everyone using a .BANK domain is an eligible organization. Hackers and bad actors can’t get a .BANK domain to create lookalike domains for phishing and spoofing, as they can in ‘.com’ and other publicly available domains.

    With the ‘.BANK’ visual authentication cue in place you can quickly confirm websites of ours are real, and avoid interactions that could lead to identity theft and financial fraud. This authentication is also an additional layer of protection for internal and vendor communications, helping to secure against potential breaches.

    All banks within the .BANK domain must also implement additional Security Requirements to help secure their sites, and protect them, their vendors and their customers from various cyberattacks. All banks using .BANK are monitored for compliance with these security requirements on an ongoing basis.

  • What is .BANK?

    .BANK is a gated domain, like .gov or .edu, but for verified banks. Replacing .com, which can be purchased by anyone, .BANK quickly verifies that the website is authentically from our bank, so you can interact with confidence when you see the ‘.BANK’ in our website URL.

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