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FinWise Bank honors Tasha Clayton for Women's History month.

Natasha Clayton  
VP, Change Management

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we continue to honor the contributions, talent, and ingenuity of phenomenal women at FinWise Bank throughout the month by sharing their stories.

Natasha “Tasha” Clayton is the Vice President of Change Management at FinWise Bank, where her role is to implement change initiatives both company-wide as well as in individual departments.

Her team coordinates, documents and facilitates small and large projects with a focus on providing diplomatic conflict resolution, excellent process management, accurate recordkeeping, and outstanding phone etiquette.

Tasha’s journey to FinWise Bank.

Prior to joining FinWise Bank, Tasha’s career in operations and organizational management spanned the past twenty years. She held various roles, including serving as Account Services Team Leader, Manager of Client Services, and Manager of Operations Support. Leading teams in customer service, account services, and operations led to her eventual promotion to Vice President, Organizational Change Manager at EnerBank. Tasha turned her sights to the new opportunities of fintech when she joined FinWise Bank as the Vice President of Change Management. Her impressive experience in leading teams with unwavering dedication to excellence brought a new position and a new department to FinWise Bank.

Building trust and collaboration.

Tasha calmly leads through collaboration, preferring to trust her team and provide them the support they need to be successful. As a believer in empowerment, she avoids micromanagement as her Change Coordinators and Managers attest: Tasha gives them the space they need to find solutions within a well-defined framework. They know they can ask for help and receive Tasha’s full support when needed, and are encouraged to succeed with full engagement of their own strengths and talents.

Leading by example in her community.

Tasha Clayton with her beautiful family.

At work, home, and in her community, Tasha tries to lead by example. She has been volunteering at JA City for many years to support young kids while they learn how to be good business leaders. She also has a heart for feeding others and participates in the monthly Utah Food Bank deliveries. She does her best to be kind to all and to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easiest choice.

Lessons in leadership.

Mr. and Mrs. Tasha Clayton

“Remember when you are a leader, you are there to help support your team. If your team is successful, you are successful.”

What is your best advice for women who want to be in leadership roles?

Tasha Clayton gives leadership advice for Women's History month.

“Have confidence. Remember that every situation is a learning experience.”

Celebrate Women’s History Month with an activity:

Choose from some of Tasha’s recommendations:

    1. Take LinkedIn courses on leadership to enhance your skills.
    2. Watch TED Talks by Women Leaders to help inspire your own journey to lead.
    3. Volunteer at Junior Achievement City (JA City) and help a young girl realize her potential.



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